Monday, September 21, 2015

Featured On: The Memo

I've always known my former colleague and friend, Minda Harts (above), to be a confident, entrepreneurial, smart and driven woman. She has further proven her talents with her recent creation and launch of The Memo. The Memo is devoted to helping women gain access to important resources and pragmatic, real-world advice on personal finances, career development and work/life balance that will help us advance in our persona and professional lives. As Founder of The Memo, she is tapping into topics that are near and dear to my heart and is partnering with women across the country to share their viewpoints and perspectives.

I'm so honored to be featured today on The Memo with an article I wrote on the ever-present decision to lean in or lean out. I encourage all of my readers to subscribe for weekly articles and to follow The Memo on Twitter. Thanks, Minda, for furthering the thoughtful and powerful voices of women!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Levi's 501 CT - A Return To Classic Denim




I'm returning to my first denim love - Levi's 501s.

Jeans: Levi's 501 CT in Surfer Girl
Blazer: Ben Sherman (similar)
Tank: Target
Belt: vintage
Heels: Nine West (similar)

I flipped through some old photos this summer from my high school and college days. In every picture, I'm wearing my faded, well-loved men's 501 jeans. The waistbands and button flies were higher and longer in those days. I'm not sure the phrase "muffin top" had been invented yet because we were all nicely tucked into our five button fly denim. Somewhere in the timeline of my twenties, I gravitated towards lower waistlines and designer lines. But I loved my 501s! They are classics - the brand is iconic and never goes out of style. If I could have my beat up, hole-ridden jeans from my youth back, they'd be the staple of my wardrobe today.

I recently read an article about the new Levi's 501 CT (stands for Customized and Tapered) style and I knew I had to give them a try. And just as I suspected, I love them wholeheartedly. They can be worn in so many ways - date night (that's what I was going for here), weekend warrior, beach time, or in the fall with ankle boots. What I love about them is that you can size down from your natural size for a tight, ankle length fit or you can size up for a baggier, boyfriend style fit. I chose my natural size and they are exactly the style I was looking for: a boyfriend jean that feels lived in but not like I'm swimming in them. Next time I wear them, I'll probably give them an extra roll up at the hem, but I appreciate the versatility in cuffing them differently. I might even get another pair in a lighter color a size smaller to get a snug fit.

And I will not make the same mistake twice. I will hold onto these jeans until the seams fall apart!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Crushing on Clothes: Hometown Hero Collection at Gymboree


Every so often, a section of clothing speaks to me. It's like the section is beckoning me over, like a lighthouse in a sea of fog. Like a moth to a flame, I'm propelled towards the light.

Last weekend, I found my latest clothing crush. And for once, it is not for me.

I want to run to Gymboree, waving my wallet and shout, "Shut up and take my money!" I love the new Hometown Hero collection for the fall season. The blue, gold and gray combo is sporty and preppy. My eye was immediately drawn to this Hooded Henley - now on sale for $14.97!:


But as if this wasn't enough to sell me, I looked down and I saw this tough little bulldog staring up at me:


And then I saw this football bulldog tee and I melted:


I'm pretty sure Turbo would be upset if I didn't buy these. The good news is Gymboree is having a sale for Labor Day weekend. Check out Gymboree's latest markdowns! You can get 40% off regular priced items and up to 70% off sale items.

Tell them Turbo sent you...

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Review: Francis Drake Eyewear

There are two things that I love: supporting local businesses and fashionable, affordable eyewear. (And cheese. I also really love cheese. But that doesn't apply here.) In other words, I'm about to blend the best of both worlds!

I was recently introduced to Francis Drake Eyewear, a new boutique eyewear line based right here in Marin County. When they asked me to take part in their Home Try-On program, I jumped forward because I love a stylish pair of glasses to the point that I do a little happy dance when trying them on.

Francis Drake Eyewear boasts that their frames are manufactured in Italy and have a higher quality than other affordable eyewear lines. I would have to agree with this; the frames are sturdy yet pliable. I've tried other brands that felt flimsy and cheap, even with some of the designer brands. Francis Drake Eyewear feels like it could withstand long-term use while still feeling light on the face, giving you a big bang for your buck. Prescription glasses start at $95 and come in a variety of trendy styles.

​Perhaps it is because I loved too many of the different styles that Francis Drake Eyewear took pity on me and let me try on five different frames instead of the standard three. All the frames are named after Bay Area neighborhoods and I was struck that many of them truly did reflect the vibe and feel of the street style you would find in those areas.

Allow me to show you my favorites:​


These are definitely the most sturdy of all the frames I tried. I like their bookish quality and the marbling in the color. I absolutely love them.


I've been desperate to buy a pair of red frames. These have a cream interior, which softens the look a bit. I really like the square modified-cat-eye effect these present. I completely love these, too.


When I spoke with Francis Drake Eyewear about how I wanted to try the Montclair frames, they recommended I try them in Champagne because the color would compliment my hair. This is why you listen to the experts! I am smitten with how these compliment my hair and skin tone and blend into my features for a softer, less obvious appearance. I love them! I now up to three pairs in my shopping cart?


These are the Montclairs I chose first and I'm amazed at how they look like an entirely different style of frame just with the color shift. I feel very Tina Fey in these and that is an excellent thing. I want them! I might need an intervention!


I've always wanted a true cat-eye frame, but most that I try on look a bit cartoon-ish on my face. The black and pink here feels vintage and hip, like I'm ready to throw on my Pink Lady jacket and rule the school. I really want to own these. This is getting out of hand...

I can't decide which ones I like the best, which is a testament to the great design behind Francis Drake Eyewear! I can honestly say that I've never been in a position where I've tried on five pairs and liked each and every one. Please feel free to tell me in the comments which ones you think I should get. I need help with my decision!

In the meantime, you can shop for your own pair! Francis Drake Eyewear has provided a promo code just for Teal In Motion readers. Use the code TEAL2015 at checkout to receive 10% off your order. And if you too are having a hard time deciding, be sure to take advantage of their Home Try-On program!

Thank you, Francis Drake Eyewear, for keeping it local and keeping it on trend!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post and will walk away with a fresh new pair of frames, but the thoughts and opinions here are my own. However, as you can see, I'm truly having a hard time deciding which pair because I want all the frames. ALL THE FRAMES!

Monday, August 24, 2015

What To Wear: The Mom Uniform

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the midst of an ongoing chat with a group of women about parenting, kid-gear and other mom-based encounters. A new question came up that got me really thinking. That question was:

What do you wear on weekend when you are running errands?

It's so easy to fall back into yoga pants and a comfy tee. Or in my case, a dirty tee shirt that is covered with my daughter's breakfast and crayon marks. My original inspiration for this blog touches on this topic: you don't have to lose your sense of style when you become a mom. Here are a few looks for all you weekend warriors to consider when planning your jaunt to Target or your trip to a local park based on stuff that is in my current closet.

The Military-Inspired Look:

This is one of my favorite, go-to outfits. A military jacket provides lots of pocket space for keys, Kleenex, snacks or whatever else you need for quick access. Sneakers give you solid footing and classic Chuck Taylors never go out of style. Throw on aviators and a few necklaces to pull a bit of femininity into the look. I wore a vested-version of this look back in April.

Summer Accessories:

There is no reason you can't leave the house in a tank top and torn shorts. To dress things up, swap out your flip flops for sandals and throw a straw fedora over a pony tail (or unwashed hair - yeah, it happens). Statement shades in a bright color will spice up the look.

Maxi Ease:

There is nothing like a maxi for comfort and coverage. I've talked in the past about the transition from maternity to now with a maxi dress. I prefer maxis that come up high on the neckline with wider straps. I also like an elastic waist for some definition. With fall around the corner, you can throw on some booties and grab a multi-purpose bag - I love Timi and Leslie's Charlie bag if you really want to invest in a diaper bag. Pull your hair back and people will really think you've got it together!

I'd love to hear in the comments some of your favorite, easy looks!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Facebook Hiatus Decision


Today might be the day that I give up on Facebook.

Facebook used to be the place where I kept up with friends, colleagues and family. Posts were innocuous. Status updates centered around what people were having for lunch, or the adorable thing their toddler said last night, or frustrations around a project deadline at work. The worst thing you might read was someone sharing an ambiguous status along the lines of, "Wow, today has been the worst day." (For the record, status phishing remains annoying and in full effect today. Don't make us beg to know the whole story, people.)

Now, status updates are clogged with latest horrific headline. Blame it on the 24-hour news cycle, or blame it on immediate access to information provided by the internet. Either way, I feel like I can't avoid heartbreaking, emotionally-triggering, and utterly sad news and images where ever I turn. Facebook, once my haven for mindless finger-swiping, has become the worst perpetrator of bad news delivery.

For example, at my lunch break, I clicked over to Facebook for a little mental diversion. Within the first 20 status updates in my feed, I read headlines about 250 whales being slaughtered (complete with photos), the funeral for a police officer murdered in the line of duty, an update on the investigation of the tragic death of Sandra Bland, a protected and endangered lion senselessly killed for "sport" by a heartless American dentist and, the worst of all, a 15-year-old boy who assaulted and murdered an 8-year old girl here in the Bay Area. This wasn't a mental diversion; this was the path to mental depression.

Yes, I can click and hide what I don't like to see. Trust me, I've hidden, even unfriended, plenty of people, mostly based on their own personal views that have revealed themselves to either be racist, sexist or homophobic - or all three! (How did I meet these people again? Buh-bye.) Even in the midst of joyous celebration, like after the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage, when my Facebook feed burst forward like a bag of Skittles and I was tasting the rainbow and loving it, there were still headlines popping up about all the detractors in the world. It seems to come at me from all angles.

No, I do not want to bury my head in the sand and remain uninformed. In fact, I'm a voracious reader and I have my online news sources that I check every day. But in those scenarios, I know what I am getting into. I'm ready to read about both the ills and the triumphs of the world and absorb them into my thoughts and ultimately, my actions as I make choices in life. I do not come to Facebook for this level of education. I come to Facebook to see my friend's latest family vacation photos. I do not come to Facebook to get an unexpected eye assault via a photo of a malnourished dog that some lowlife scum abused.

Perhaps I just can't take it. Maybe my heart is not hardened enough to the travesties of the world. And honestly, I think I'm OK with that.

I have the choice to take in the world's worst on my terms and it seems like part of that choice is choosing to take a Facebook hiatus. I'm turning off my Facebook alarms and hiding my blue F-icon deep in my phone. I'm sure I'll return at some point, but for now, I need to go hug my kids and absorb the good in the world.

However, you can still find Teal In Motion on Facebook. If you want to talk about clothes, puppies or babies, I can make return appearances for those conversations any time.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Lifespan of a Favorite Shirt


Blouse: H&M (similar)
Shorts: Target
Shades: Ray-Ban
Sandals: Birkenstock

As I slid this red and white blouse over my head before heading out to the local farmers' market this past weekend, I realized this might be my favorite shirt. It certainly has staying power. I've had it since I started this blog - that is over five years! It cost me $9.99 when I purchased it from H&M and I constantly lament that I wish I had more blouses in this flowing style. What's that old saying? The best things in life are right under your nose....yeah, I think I made that up just now, but it still applies to my point.



I brought this blouse out for the 4th of July this year. It was unbearably hot as we waited for the local parade, but this shirt covered me both on coolness and color-necessity for the day.

4th 2012

Speaking of the 4th of July, this blouse made an appearance on the blog in 2012 to celebrate our nation. Clearly, my love of deconstructed denim has not waned.


Even as far back as one of my earliest blog posts, while 18 weeks pregnant with my son, I rocked the flowy blouse with wide leg jeans. There is nothing like a full blouse to help you get through those early maternity clothes struggles. Perhaps this should also be part of my "From Maternity To Now" series...

The point is: if you love something, don't set it free. Hold on tight to that favorite shirt. I plan on wearing this shirt until the threads fall off!