Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 30: Old Navy Maternity Long Wool-Blend Coat

If you are pregnant and live in a climate that requires winter coats, run, don't walk, to the Old Navy 50% off outerwear sale.

Coat: Old Navy Maternity
Sweater: Forever 21
Jeans: Paige Maternity, borrowed
Earrings: Forever 21
Bag: Banana Republic
Shoes: Seychelles

Old Navy is not paying me to endorse their clothes.  Man, I wish. (Old Navy marketing reps, are you out there?) I am merely sharing my newfound love for their line of maternity coats and the fantastic sales that accompany them.  For weeks, I have been lamenting the fact that few of my coats fit me at this point in my pregnancy.  They have served merely as arm warmers since they won't button up around my girth.  I bought this Long Wool-Blend coat online using a 50% off code to wear as my dressy jacket.  However, you don't need a code.  Right now, they are having the same sale on all their outerwear.  I like that it has the shape and hue of a belt-less trench, but the wool-blend makes it a bit warmer for winter.  I was expecting the color to be more of a camel than a deep taupe, but I actually appreciate the versatility the darker shade will afford me.  It buttons up the front with room to spare, meaning I'll be living in it for the next ten weeks and probably during the few months following when I try to fit back into all the clothes I have left behind.  Also, one of my closest friends told me that she wore her maternity coats with her newborn in a sling underneath on cold winter walks to keep them both warm.  I'm all about increasing the longevity of a purchase.

I also bought the Performance Fleece-Lined Frost Free coat and I will profile it later in the week.  It looks like it may be currently sold out online, so if you can find it in store, don't hesitate to pick it up. At these prices, you have no excuse not to stay warm and cozy over the coming holidays.

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  1. I just bought this coat, too! I love it, but it's at the tailor right now because I'm 5'3" and the arms were a touch too long. I think it will look great with black and brown, which is perfect for me. I also have a Betsey Johnson swing coat in black that I can wear, but it looks best open. If buttoned, I look monstrous in it.

  2. oh yeah, i heard great things about old navy maternity... lots of great things!