Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1st Birthday Bash

First the party dress, then the party details.

Dress: H&M
Cardigan: H&M
Flats: Steve Madden

I mentioned last week that Pinterest was serving as my planning tool for my son's first birthday party. It is tough being a working mom. I gather these grand visions of all the hand-crafted love that I want to pour into the party, then I realize that time is not on my side. My original plan was to create an initials-and-numbers theme. But the more K's and 1's that I cut out, the more tedious it became and nothing was looking cute, special or fun to me. After a few late nights catching up on DVR with a pair of scissors in hand, I incorporated the paper, cut outs and Martha Stewart templates I printed out into a colorful theme of shapes. Of course, this meant I had to wear my polka-dot dress. The occasion called for it.

Here are some pictures of the finishing touches:

Dairy-free vegan cupcakes for the allergy-ridden birthday boy, made by my wonderful husband, Kevin.

A timeline of the months, through photos. I made this with scrapbook paper and color-printed photos. It made for great party conversation and I'm planning on putting this into a folder to keep!

The party banner, made with scrapbook paper, beading string and Martha Stewart templates.

Cups, scrapbook paper and Martha Stewart templates made for great decoration and utensil holders. I cut out circles of various sizes from scrapbook paper and scattered it on the table for extra color.

The floor decoration: Turbo.

The end result - one happy one year old and an extremely proud mama.


  1. I cannot believe he's already 1!  Happy Birthday to your sweetie. All your decorations are adorable, I know what you mean about all the ideas that you have with not nearly enough time to execute them. But it looks like you got a lot done!

    I love your dress. Adorable. And I'm maybe just a little jealous that you are wearing cute summery dresses. It's dumping snow here. And that's not just over-reactive south Puget Sound resident exaggeration. Like the worst snowstorm since '85 dumping. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Keagan!!! Everything turned out so cute! Can you post the vegan cupcake recipe? Chance is allergic to dairy too. I've been looking for recipes for his 1st birthday, but was worried that none of them would taste very good. 

  3. CUTE! and happy birthday to Keagan!! :)

    BTW, did I ever tell you I love your new hair? Looks adorable!

  4. This is the link to the recipe my husband used. I was super impressed with the taste!


  5. Thanks, Jenn! Time flies. I've been following the weather in Seattle. I'm back in coats this week - we had a lucky sunshine streak that day that I took full advantage of!

  6. Thanks, Kimmie! My bangs are already growing out but I'm having fun with it!

  7. Hi! Just stumbled upon your cute little blog! These photos are adorable and I love all of the creative touches that went into this party. You look so cute in that pretty dress!

  8. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and I just peeped your blog - you are lovely! I'm totally following you now. Did that sound creepy? Seriously, love your style!

  9. Love what you did for his birthday!! Tho photo collage is adorable and the untensil holder are so fun!!

  10. Thank you! It was such a good time - we are still talking about it at home!