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Thursday, February 12, 2015

For The Love Of Wine - 40% off at Swanky Wine Shop

Candy for Valentine's Day? No thanks - who needs an added trip to the gym or the dentist? Flowers? Nice, sure, but they don't last. Cards? I love a good written sentiment but you know what I really love? Splitting a nice bottle of wine with my love on Valentine's Day.

Just in time for the most romantic day of the year, Swanky Wine Shop is offering 40% all of their online inventory. Plus, they are offering free shipping on orders of six bottles or more. All you have to do is enter the promo code VD15 between now and February 14. 40% off! I simply can't ignore great wine at an even better price.

You can also follow Swanky Wine Shop on Twitter for future discount updates.

So think big and order up for the big day! I'm already dreaming of the stinky cheese I'm going to pair with my delicious wine...

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, but I know someone who works for this stellar company. Also, DISCOUNT WINE. How can I not share the news?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Schoola: #HolidaysR4 Giving Back to Education

There are certain things that strike right at my heart. Squishy bulldog faces. Discount children's clothing. Educational philanthropy. I've learned that I can fulfill two out of these three joys with Schoola

You may have recently read about Schoola, a Bay Area start-up, in a recent San Francisco Chronicle feature. Schoola sells donated name-brand children's clothing at discounted prices and donates $2 of every $5 of the proceeds back to schools. You donate the clothes, you get to choose which school receives the proceeds. Buy without remorse and know that almost half of the proceeds will benefit today's youth.

What a perfect option for shopping as we approach the holidays! Schoola has asked me to consider what I think the holidays are for and I believe that their mission sums up exactly what I love about the holidays. In fact, I'll break it out into hashtags for you:

#HolidaysR4...Dressing up your kids for lifelong memories through perfect holiday photos without breaking the bank.

#HolidaysR4...Giving back to your local community and embracing the true spirit of the holidays.

Want to try to win some Schoola cash? Use the hashtag #HolidaysR4 to Tweet or Facebook your own holiday moments. Schoola will randomly choose entries to win one of three $25 gift cards to Schoola. Enter as many memories as you want before November 16 to win!

Don't forget to visit Schoola to look for fantastic holiday clothes. There are Baby Gap holiday dresses for under $6 and boys holiday sweaters from Gymboree for $4! My readers get 25% off your first purchase with the code TRYSCHOOLA at checkout.

Check out Schoola! It is consignment online with a philanthropic twist.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Review: Boden Activewear - Fashion and Function!


When Boden contacted me to review their new Activewear line, my response was: "Perfect timing!" After two kids who are now both walking, my last excuse keeping me from working out is that I don't have any new running gear. I've signed up for a 10K in November and I have a sweet new outfit to sport while I train. I love the dynamic pattern and the leg lengthening stripe down the side.


I'm not joking when I say that this is the most comfortable gear I've ever worn. With most work out gear I own, I face two common issues - shirts that ride up over my belly button and the length of the pants. With Boden Activewear, I had a perfect fit.

In my jog around the neighborhood, the shirt stayed put. It has a built-in bra, though busty gals can easily double up with a sports bra. I'm comfortably wearing a racer back bra in this photo. And the leggings actually go to my ankles! The ankle zippers are tight and the material is thick and very high quality. Plus, there is a hidden zipper on the back just below the waistband that opens to a large pocket. If you need to carry a key, cash or even a cell phone, it provides the perfect space.


The Run Faster Sweatshirt is going to see heavy rotation this fall, from my training runs to my weekend jaunts out to get coffee. Like the pants, it has a thick, heavy feel that is perfect for warming up against the fall wind. One of my favorite things about this jacket and the entire line is that it is sized 2-18, rather than your typical S-M-L offerings, which can be hard to fit. I am wearing my current true size and the fit is spectacular.


And guess what? You can pick up your own gear at 15% off between now and November 9! Just use the promo code YOGA at checkout when you visit Boden Activewear. I enthusiastically recommend this line. It is priced right - the same that you would pay for Nike or Adidas - and you know you are buying a quality product for the long-term in a fashion-forward style. If you aren't into patterns, Boden is adding basic black to the collection in a few short weeks, so stay tuned!

Thank you, Boden, for letting me try out your gear!

Disclosure: Boden hooked me up with this fantastic gear, but the opinions expressed are my own and totally legit. I love this line!

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Littlest Model


There are lots of things I really like in this world. Beautiful photos of my kids, for one. I also appreciate a great consignment store. I love a good bargain. When you combine these things, you have the perfect storm that leads to me jumping, clapping and laughing in place.

Recently, a new baby and kid consignment store opened up in Marin County: Ella Bunbee. The store is still in the process of opening, slowly rolling out hours and collecting gently used treasures for moms to take advantage, so get in there early! Ella Bunbee enlisted in the talents of Capturing Grace Photography, a San Francisco-based family photographer, to build out their website. They had an open contest for little models to take part and keep some of the professional photos afterward. Guess who couldn't resist submitting? This mama right here, who was proud when her little lady was chosen.

Sutton was dressed up in the role of "rocker", complete with a handmade handkerchief top and a tiny leather jacket. I squealed in delight at the leather jacket since I have one in Sutton's closet I've been saving for this winter. Even with no afternoon nap (because, of course kids don't take naps when you need them to), Sutton got past her initial confusion with the situation and lit up after a few rounds of the Hot Dog song and some Frozen sing-alongs. I simply cannot wait to see the final prints which, of course, I will share here later.

Check out Ella Bunbee and Capturing Grace Photography!


**Disclosure: while I will be receiving some prints, they were not a condition of this post. I wrote this simply because I am a fan and obviously, I'm bragging about my cute little lady.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shopping Warby Parker Spring 2014

Did you know your eyesight can change after a pregnancy? I found that out during a recent eye exam. My vision has gotten worse. Ugh. I'm telling you - the wheels seem to be falling off of this train.

What better excuse do I need to go shopping for some sweet new frames? I've talked in the past about how I love Warby Parker's home try-on process so I thought I might give it another go. Their Spring 2014 line just came out and I'm digging the bright colors and modern shapes. Here are three frames that I'm considering:

Finch in Grenadine- I've been wanting a pair of red frames for a while. Think modern day Sally Jesse-Raphael. Oh man, did I just date myself with that reference?

Seymour in Whiskey Tortoise - I love a classic square shape and the tortoise color goes with everything.

Walker in Canton Blue - These are look-at-me glasses and I feel that they need to be on my face.

What frames are you loving from Warby Parker right now? They also have a new collection called Palm Canyon that brings a woodwork finish to some of their classic frames. I'm going to have to check that out next.

Disclosure: I was not compensated by Warby Parker for this post - I'm just a fan of the company.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Giveaway: $25 Boden Gift Card

When pinning away on Pinterest recently, I came across a lot of pins for Mini Boden. Adorable, fashionable kids clothes that looked really high in quality and perfectly on trend kept catching my eye. Boden Clothing, originally a UK based company, offers British-style clothing for women, men, kids and babies. I have partnered with Boden to bring you a sweet giveaway and an offer code for all your shopping desires. Shop for the kids or treat yourself!

Since my whole world is toddlers and babies right now, I focused in immediately on the clothing for the little ones. Go ahead and check out some of my favorites: 

Clockwise from top left: 1/2/3/4

I can't handle the cuteness. But you can handle it, I'm sure! And to set you on your way, Boden is offering my readers a great deal. Visit Boden by clicking this link to get 25% off and free shipping through December 13th. In fact, Boden is offering 30% off Cold Weather Clothing (think knitwear, outerwear, boots, cold weather accessories...everything you need for the coming months) for men, women and kids alike from Thursday, Nov. 21 to Sunday, November 24.

Now the best part - Boden and I are giving away a $25 gift card. It is so simple to enter and win - how can you pass it up? To enter, take action on the following:

1.  Visit Boden and then share your favorite item in the comments on this post.

For additional entries, you may do any of the following and leave a comment for each action taken:

2. Like Boden Clothing on Facebook.

3. Follow Boden on Twitter.

4. Follow Boden on Pinterest.

5. Like Teal In Motion on Facebook.

6. Follow Teal In Motion on Twitter.

7. Follow Teal In Motion on Pinterest.

The winner will be chosen by and must have a US-based mailing address. I will announce the winner on Friday, November 29, just in time for Black Friday shopping sprees!

Good luck!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Boden, but as always, thoughts and opinions are solely my own. I'm mean seriously - look how cute these clothes are!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stella Blu Clothing Co., Reviewed

I've been doing a lot of baby girl shopping as of late. Only recently, after giving away a lot of my son's outgrown clothes, did I realize that he is running low on clothing supply. That's why I was excited when I was approached by Stella Blu Clothing Co. to try out one of their kid's tees. Stella Blu combines original artwork, created by designer Erin Raymer, and non-toxic ink that is silk-screened onto soft tees.

The 1980's graffiti rock style of the line really appealed to me.  Where my husband is more of a polo shirt-and-plaid shorts kind of a guy, I love a good rock tee. My son couldn't care less about what we care about, but he does know one thing - he loves cars. When I showed him the shirt I chose, he demanded that he wear it immediately. "Cars! I want to wear it! I want to wear the car!" He and his buddy Lambie were all smiles that morning. (Well, he smiled. Lambie's well-loved face is a mess, so it was hard to tell, but he seemed thrilled to be along for the ride.)




At around $25, the shirts are a little bit pricier than what you might find at Target or Carter's, but they are no more expensive than tees being offered at Gymboree or Baby Gap. The fabric is thin, soft and comfortable, perfect for the hot summer months.  Plus, the designs are much more original and cool.  Some of them, like the Blu Rainbow, I wanted for myself!

All in all, I would definitely recommend this company for fun, vintage graphic tees for the little ones. You can find them in some specialized boutiques or their online store. Thank you to Stella Blu Clothing Co. for the chance to get to know you!

Disclosure: Stella Blu provided a sample shirt for my review, but the opinions (and I have lots of them about oh-so-many things) are my own. I'd also like to thank my models, Keagan and Lambie.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week 24: My ASOS Maternity in Austin





I'm working the magic light in my new favorite dress.

Dress: c/o ASOS Maternity
Necklace: LOFT (similar)
Sandals: Target (similar)

Last weekend, I headed to Austin for an annual girls' trip with some of my best college friends. It is always an added bonus to travel with a friend in the group who is a professional photographer. She snapped some photos in what she called "the magic light" as we strolled near a park near downtown Austin. Considering I felt like I was floating on air in my new dress from ASOS Maternity, I thought the lighting was appropriate.

As you can see, I chose the ASOS Maternity Maxi in Dip Dye out of the dresses I was eyeing in recent online shopping. This dress was perfect for the humid Austin weather. The white cotton comfortably reflected the heat and the pink dip-dye gave it a punch of current style. The liner underneath, as you can see from the shadows, is shorter, so the dress was very airy and cool rather than clinging to my skin as some maxis have a tendency to do. I ordered it in my pre-pregnancy size and it fit like a glove. My friends commented that I might even be able to wear it post-pregnancy because they said I barely looked pregnant! (And trust me, I'm looking mighty pregnant these days.)

Magic light, magic dress. And a little bit of magic goes a long way when you are entering your third trimester and want to feel your best!

Disclosure: Thank you to ASOS for supplying the dress, but it should be noted that all opinions are my own. And I kept shopping at ASOS on my own as well - more pics of other purchases to come!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Let's Go Shopping - ASOS maternity dresses

I'm heading out of town for a girls' trip at the end of the week and I've been in search of maternity clothes appropriate for warm early summer days. I'm in desperate need of dresses for my trip. ASOS has been my go-to shop for stylish and affordable maternity clothing. Here are some of the items I've been eyeing...

 photo asosombredress_zps25288945.jpg
ASOS Maternity Bandeau Maxi Dress in Dip Dye - The dip-dye ombre makes this maxi feel more modern and formal. I'm obsessed!

 photo asosvintagedress_zps15038bce.jpg

ASOS Maternity Midi Dress in Vintage Floral Print - I love the versatility of this dress. It could work for weekend shopping or be dressed up for the office. It is a classic style in a universally flattering print.

 photo asosscarfprint_zps7a001655.jpg

ASOS Maternity Dress in Blocked Scarf Print - Love the simple shape, love the print, love the colors, love it all. I only doubt if it would be long enough for me. At 5'11", this dress might have me tugging it downward all day, but I would definitely steer shorter ladies in this dress's direction.

 photo asosshift_zps17173e57.jpg

ASOS Maternity Ovoid Shift Dress - Basics are right up my alley. You could change this dress up depending on shoes, purses, jewelry, hair and makeup. And it is currently on sale at just over $40.

Is there anything you are obsessing over at ASOS?

* Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but guess what? I truly do love ASOS's maternity collection. Like, crazy love.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cool Kitty - eShakti Review




I'm purring over my custom-made dress.

Dress: c/o eShakti
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Heels: Ralph Lauren

eShakti, an online women's apparel store, has given me the pleasure of reviewing their store and shopping process. It is not your run-of-the-mill online store. They do custom sizing and custom changes to the style of the garment you select. Want a shorter hemline? Just request it. Want long sleeves? Bam. They make it happen. Now, they even add embellishments.

When choosing a dress, I wanted to find something that was a bit different than my usual style. I typically go for solid colors in classic shapes and lines. But this cat-and-houndstooth print spoke to me. The long lines and the bell sleeves felt very Mad Men to me, like nothing I have in my closet.

For someone like me, who is tall with a decent-sized bust (not bragging, just stating a pain in the rear fact), I find it hard to find properly fitting clothes. I feel like I'm always in between sizes and way too long for anything provided off the rack. I provided my measurements and received a custom fit dress. And I love it. This dress is fun - vintage, yet modern. Most importantly, it fits me like a glove.

The pricing is extremely reasonable as well. For a dress that is custom-tailored to your liking, it is worth spending between $50-$90 rather than buying a dress of the rack that might end up in your Goodwill pile sooner rather than later. If you register with their site, they give you a $25 off code as well. I'm definitely going to go back to eShakti for more dresses in the future. Have fun shopping!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: NatureBox

It is definitive - my son is a picky eater. I truly believe this is payback for my bird-like eating habits when I was younger. What goes around, comes around, and what has been coming around lately is food shoved back in my face in a little, chubby toddler fist while he shouts, "No, no, no!"

I was invited to try a new, gourmet snack company called NatureBox. NatureBox is a monthly service that ships a new box of healthy treats your way for $19.95 per month. They also donate a meal for each box purchased to hungry children in the US. Considering my son's recent eating habits and my own tendency to snack on the nearest (and unhealthiest) thing, this sounded like a great plan.


My box arrived, and while it looks fairly compact, it is loaded with goodies:


There were five snack packs of relatively decent size inside. Each snack had healthy, antioxidant-boosting foods like raw nuts and berries. I pictured myself shopping for each of these packets at a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's and started adding up the pricing in my head. I guessed that for five bags of natural, nutritious snacks, I'd be looking at $35, minimum. This made the $19.95, plus free shipping (and one less trip to the store) all that much more appealing.

The house favorite was definitely the Blueberry Almond Bites. My husband and I had to resist from chomping on them because the biggest fan was our son. "More! More, please, more!" he said, his hand outstretched after his first bite. And that, along with health, affordability and deliciousness, makes it all worth it.

NatureBox would like to offer my readers 25% off your first month's subscription. At checkout, use the promo code BERRY to receive your discount. NatureBox ships to the 48 continental states as well as FPO/APO addresses, and P.O. boxes.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

ShopStyle's New Style and Sweater Searches

Ever since I bought my latest cozy find, I've been obsessed with finding more crew neck sweaters for winter. A classic crew neck offers flexibility in styling and long-term wear, as they never go out of style.

I found the sweaters above when I headed over to ShopStyle, as I always do when executing a massive search for my latest desire. ShopStyle has recently updated their site and made the search functions much more appealing and user-friendly.  You can search from the onset among categories, brands, price range and color. Now, when search results appear, you can scroll down the screen to view rather than clicking across and use the search functions to drill down into specifically what you are looking for. It is now much easier to favorite a look by clicking on a heart in the lower right hand corner of the picture. Through my search for sweaters this time around, I noticed that Land's End has some great deals - something I don't think I would have noticed before if it hadn't been laid out so well in front of me.

What are you craving for fall and winter? Head on over to ShopStyle to find it!

Disclosure: I have partnered with ShopStyle and Circle of Moms to review ShopStyle's new site design for compensation, but the opinions stated and items chosen are my own. And seriously, I use ShopStyle everyday.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Review: Tickle Time Mineral Powder Sunblock


I have never thought about mineral powder serving as a sunscreen. Now that it has been presented to me as an option, it seems kind of genius. Tickle Time Mineral Powder Sunblock by Anne Heche struck me as a cool concept. I was asked by Tickle Time to review their mineral powder sunscreen. I'll break it down, pro-and-con style:


The compact brush design - This is a great size to throw in a bag when you are on the go. All you have to do is pop the top off and out comes the soft bristle brush. The powder naturally flows onto the bristles and thus, onto your face when applied. Plus, my son found the brush to be hilarious, which is appropriate for a product called, "Tickle"...


He was soon applying it himself...


Mommy can use it - This is easily a product for the whole family. On a day where I'm caught without sunscreen, I could readily apply it to my face and not ruin my makeup with a pile of grease.

Less chemicals - When it comes to our little ones, this is always a good thing. 


Low SPF - it is only 20 SPF, which means you would have to be diligent about reapplying. I would likely use this in the fall and winter when sun isn't such a factor but I still want a layer of protection.

Couldn't put it to the water test - Tickle claims that the powder is water-resistant because the layer of minerals stays on the skin. I believe them, but I'm still skeptical. I may have to put this to the test another time.

All in all, I like this product as a quick fix, touch-up product. It currently resides in my diaper bag and I used it just the other day for a quick dusting at the zoo, which brought about giggles and grins from my little guy who usually doesn't tolerate reapplication of sunscreen.

Disclosure: I was supplied with a sample of Tickle Time Mineral Powder Sunblock in exchange for my review, but my thoughts and opinions are solely my own.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Review: Snugli Stroller

I was asked by Snugli to review their new stroller line. I typically use my giant beast of a jogging stroller for all of my stroller needs and I leaped at the chance to try something a bit more stylish and compact. We took it out for a spin on Treasure Island last weekend. Here, I will break down my thoughts on the stroller:

What I Loved


A tall, adjustable handle: I'm 5'11". My husband is 6'5". Graming and Poppie, the grandparents you will see in later pictures, are 6' and 6'6", respectively. In the land of giants that is our household, any stroller that we use has a handle height requirement. The Snugli Stroller has a handle that slides up fairly high but would easily slide into a lower position for those of you more on the petite side. It passed the test of working well for my husband (who, I would like to point out, looks super handsome in his pink chic ensemble.)


The sleek, compact design and oversized storage basket: I love the black and chrome combo. It was also very simple to put together on the first try. The wheels rotate evenly and easily and you have the ability to lock the front wheel.  I also love the step brake, which is much easier than the hand brake on my jogging stroller. I should also point out that you can change the seat from front facing to rear facing by clicking buttons, lifting and turning. Simple as that. Since it is compatible with many different infant car seats, this would be an excellent stroller for transitioning from birth to toddler. And look at the cargo space. My overstuffed diaper bag, a huge water bottle and the organic apple dog treats we picked up from a vendor all fit comfortably below.


The seat has three rotational points that allow you to lay them back in a sleeping position or sit up straight to see the world go by. And who wouldn't want to sit up and see views like this surround you?


Pretty spectacular, huh?

The easy opening safety bar: I don't have one of these on my jogging stroller because it costs extra and I haven't found a need for it yet. However, Keagan seemed to find a purpose for it immediately - foot rest. He's a fan, so I'm a fan.


What Didn't Work For Me


A short sun shield: While I like that the shield has flaps for circulation and light, I found the shield to be a bit too short. Keagan refuses to wear sunglasses and we rely on a shield to keep him covered. This could be remedied by draping a blanket, but I prefer a more rounded shield design.

Collapse-ability: Yes, I just made that word up. What I mean is that while the stroller collapses with a quick push and twist of a handle, you have to remove the seat portion (also easily removable) before you collapse. This means you are storing two separate pieces if you are placing it in the back of your car. If you can use this stroller as you go in-and-out of a garage or home without collapsing it, I'd recommend that.

Overall, I highly recommend this stroller. They also have style sets to dress things up a bit. I actually tried to put a style set on but couldn't figure it out and I can guarantee you it was user-error. The designs are pretty sweet. And truthfully, I prefer the all-black design. It is classic, functional stroller and perfect for errands about town. I would definitely choose this stroller over some of the more jumbo jogging strollers like the BOB or the Baby Jogger for trips to the store or the mall. It also serves well if you are looking for a stroller with longevity since it can work for baby through toddler years. And if you are a hoarder when it comes to the contents of your diaper bag like me, then the storage space alone is worth it. If you are looking to purchase one for yourself, it is available exclusively at

Thank you, Snugli, for allowing me the opportunity to try out your fantastic new line!

Disclosure: I was provided a stroller in exchange for my review, but the thoughts and opinions here are solely my own.