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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I Learned in 2012

Hello, 2013! In years past, I did a round up of my favorite outfits of the year. This year, I'd rather share what I learned during my review of all that happened on Expecting Chic in 2012.

Blue and red was my color combination of the year.

DSC03803 DSC02344 DSC01809

Whether it was a new peacoat and jeans, or the obvious choice on the Fourth of July I wore it a lot. Like a whole lot. Seriously, all the time. I even wore it when I was featured on LOFT (which was probably the ultimate outfit highlight of the year for me).

Do not put on your shoes until you've had your morning coffee.

Otherwise, you will get to your office and discover that this has happened:


Buy your proper size.

This is the year that I stopped denying my height and the limitations it provides when shopping for clothes.  I'm 5'11" and the average article of clothing in your mainstream store does not accommodate my length. For years, I bought things because they were cute, they were on sale and they were ALMOST long enough. Weeks later, I'm left with high-water pants, sleeves that don't reach my wrists and shirts that become perpetual "tuggers" because I don't want my mid-drift hanging out. All these clothes end up in the Goodwill pile and I'm left with gaps in my closet and holes in my wallet. This year, I started buying clothes in size Tall in online shops like Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic and I've stuck primarily to designer jeans that typically run long. Now I wonder why I was being so foolish as to try to convince myself I'm of average size. I run long, baby.

I've also stopped buying shoes in size 10 when I truly wear a size 11, much to the chagrin of my friend who inherits my never-worn shoes when I come to my senses about the inhumanity of foot-binding.

I don't have a good photo to summarize this confession, so instead, I'll share a picture that properly captures the importance of proper sizing.


Taking outfit photos in a hotel while traveling is super awkward.

DSC02516 DSC02522 DSC02550 DSC02680

But the blogging show must go on, right?

There was not nearly enough Turbo on the blog this year.


Because this kid is hilarious. He needs to be shared with the world. I promise to remedy this in 2013.

I never knew that my heart could be this full.

Photography by Dinno Kovic, Photography by Dinno Kovic

My family is my world. They are everything I ever wanted in life. Watching Keagan grow from a baby into a toddler has been a mystifying, heart-tugging, joyful experience that we feel privileged to witness. Every time I think that things couldn't get better than this, they do.

Looking forward to much more laughter, outfit posts, parenting discoveries and general fun in 2013!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Year In Review: October to December

I was still playing catch-up in October following the big move, so outfit posts were sparse. However, this outfit still remains one of my favorites and I've worn it in various iterations many times since.


In November, my door replaced my Seattle backyard fence as the backdrop for pictures. And apparently, I had a thing for stripes.

Foreshadowing | Daydreaming


Come December, I welcomed an excellent new sponsor, donned me now some gay apparel and rung in the holidays with a new camera. Ho ho ho yes!

What a year it has been. Between becoming a new mom, moving to our home city and starting a new job, I'm proud that Expecting Chic has kept up with the entire ride. Thank you to everyone who has read along and will continue to read into 2012!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year In Review: July to September


Hurray for summer! Out rolled the dresses, though true to Seattle, jackets and sweaters were still in the mix. But my milky white skin got healthy doses of Vitamin D - enough to get me through until our pending move back to California.


I had an awesome August. I think the combination of visible sun and the knowledge that I would be returning to my beloved Bay Area put giant grins on my face and flowing dresses on my body.

Then September happened! I moved to San Francisco! I started a new job! I barely posted to the blog! I was exhausted!

A Total Blur

The countdown concludes tomorrow as we say hello to 2012!

Friday, December 30, 2011

A Year In Review: April to June


April was my final month before returning to work. I spent most of the time getting dressed up for short jaunts out of the house to the mall or for coffee. A need for caffeine and a desire to shop - that pretty much sums it up.

Back in Black | Copycat | What I Would Have Wore: Sorority Reunion

In May, Expecting Chic turned one-year old and I headed back to work. Some new activities and a few random rays of Seattle sunshine kept me going through a hard transition away from being at home with my baby. Wearing red heels also helps boost a mood. It's science.

Expecting Chic Turns 1 Year Old | Retail Rapture | Hi Ho | Cropping Up


By June, I'd done a few shopping trips to replenish my wardrobe since it had been taken over by tunics and leggings from days of maternity past. Heels re-entered the rotation and since breastfeeding was done, I didn't have to be as conscious of button-up tops.

Pop Out | Throw and Go | Blocking It Out

Stay tuned for the second half of the year in review!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Year In Review: January to March


2011. You have changed my life. When reflecting on the year and scrolling back through pictures, I'm amazed I was able to get dressed most days through all the exhaustion, the joy and the tornado of diaper changes and spit-ups. The above pictures are from the week before I went into labor - in fact, the poncho picture is what I wore to the hospital.

Week 38: The Cavernous ClosetWeek 39: Last Dance

With a change of lifestyle, I did a change of hair. The blonde was gone, replaced with a fun brunette to keep things simple and low-maintenance. I was still wearing maternity clothes through the month of January.


I quickly realized that dressing my ever changing post-baby body was challenging. I had a closet full of clothes I couldn't wear and my maternity clothes were dropping off of me. I tried to solve this dilemma by wearing bright pops of color. 


I started to get my groove in March. My pre-baby clothes were starting to fit again and I began exploring outfits that were mom-friendly (read: not ruined by drool and spit-up) yet fun and current.

More of my year in review to come!